This hospital is accredited with board certified surgeons and vets. The clinical staff is the equivalent to a human hospital. The admin staff superior. This vet hospital is in the elite group and we are extremely grateful they are here in the state of Washington and our cat is fortunate enough to have been saved from a double kidney blockage.

Jan H.

All the specialty care there is EXCELLENT!!! The team is always in touch with you about findings and options for plan of care. My pets are well cared for by Internal Medicine- As well we have been followed by neurology! The front desk and coordinators are always helpful with scheduling and coordinating procedures. As well I have been there for emergency care and the care has been Excellent as well!

Carolee W.

The wonderful folks at VSC saved my 6 month old puppy Charlie!! He ate a toxic mushroom. Nearly lost his life. I am forever grateful for the amazing care he received. Only mild complaint is you get out on hold 9/10 times you call, it gives me the impression they need better staffing at the front desk but other than that, I absolutely recommend. These people know how to care for your pet.

Jamil B.